Support Groups:


Susan runs women's support groups ( in English and Spanish) and she is currently taking names and contact information for upcoming groups. Please call for more information. Our office is conveniently located in Central New Jersey, Hillsborough Township.



Call to Book Your Workshop (908) 516-3285


Susan Martinez, MSW, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Her expertise includes the development and implementation of creative and innovative, evidence based workshops and programs. These in-service programs are suitable for schools, government, corporate, and non-profit organizations.


Some of Susan's Programs Include: 


Mental Health Seminars

Cultural Competency Training

Seminars on working with Latino Adolescent Immigrants


Training on Immigrant Issues


Support Groups for Women


Creating and Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Self Care

Stress Reduction


Hatha Yoga


Prana Yoga


Bhakti Yoga


Yoga for (substance abuse) Recovery


Yoga for Stress Reduction


Restorative Yoga


Yoga for Gentle Cleansing and Detoxification


Chakra Yoga


Yoga for Back Health


Yoga for People Living with Chronic Illness




Meditation 101

Reiki One


Reiki Two


​Reiki Three/ Master


​Reiki Master Teacher Training