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Client Testimonials
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Therapy Client's Testimonials:

"Susan is a very warm and caring therapist. She is attentive, a good listener and non- judgmental. She was very helpful at teaching me strategies and helping me find solutions to my problems.  I was able to meet my personal and therapeutic goals with her guidance and support. I found Susan to be down to earth, easy to talk to, and very professional. I highly recommend her services for anyone who is seeking to improve their life or embark on the journey of counseling and self-growth."- V. C.

"I am still trying to come up with the worlds to adequately express my gratitude for the journey you have taken me on the past couple of years. The love, kindness, and patience you share with everyone is nothing short of amazing. I am honored and blessed to have worked with you." - L.S.

Private Yoga Client:

"Practicing yoga with Susan is a transformative experience. I started practicing with Sue in 2013 following a stress-induced seizure due to a number of difficult life events. To say that I felt near my breaking point is an understatement. Susan's calm and warm presence when she showed up to my house those early weeks was instantly calming. She spent a great deal of time quietly listening and taking notes on how she could cater practice to fit my needs. This included the use of essential oils, and guided meditations at the end of sessions, to name only a couple. She understood that my needs were mainly for restorative yoga that would help to relax the "monkeys in my mind" as she would say. 


More importantly, in every session she gave me numerous techniques to try on my own to relieve stress, such as various breathing techniques (ocean and alternate nostril) that have helped me regain calm. What's more, I've slowly been able to adopt an attitude of not running from bad, negative, or stressful feelings, but rather, having the courage to sit with them and learn from them. 


There is never a time I don't leave a session with Susan feeling more recharged and at peace. Working with her is truly a gift, and her extensive knowledge on yoga is inspiring without any pretension. Her work with me has helped see me through the pregnancy of my second child, and my dissertation defense. Through her teaching, I've also explored meditation, and now, my oldest child and I practice together. I had worked with yoga teachers prior to Susan, but I never came across someone so passionate or talented. She's simply a wonderful instructor with a huge heart!"

- Dr. Jennifer Del Nero, PhD
Adjunct Professor & Literacy Coach

Personal Healing- Reiki Therapy

“I recently had a Reiki session with Susan Martinez and wanted you to know how wonderful and restorative it was. I felt as if I was flooded with divine loving energy. I recently went through a terrible break-up and during the session I felt a sense of well being I hadn't experienced in months. I also felt a block dissolve - it was a physical sensation as if something had actually moved in my heart. Even after Susan had removed her hands from my body, I felt warmth as if she were still holding them there. The Reiki was a beautiful experience and Susan is truly a gifted healer. Thank you for providing a safe warm place to be healed!” – Courtney K., Hopewell, NJ



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